Halloween 2001

This was our first year in Florida and Sommer's mom was kind enough to let us use her house. She has an excellent front entryway that lends itself perfectly to haunting. We had a couple of different scenes including the the Gravedigger, "being-eaten-by-rats-guy" and "scary-glowing-floating-lady." Lots of black lights, strobe, fog machine, hanging body and tons of body parts were the icing on the cake.

This little guy kept busy by scaling all the walls, running across the roof and generally hanging about. Isn't he cute?
This poor fella was being eaten alive by rats, AND he had to endure this torture in poor lighting!
Poor guy, he can barely see himself being eaten alive.
Still can't see much, sorry mister.
The walkway of DOOM...Mwahahaha!
The walkway of DOOM (from a little farther back)...Mwahahaha!
Jimmy the gravedigger, hard at work.
Jimmy, quit screwing around with the customers.
Jimmy has been written up on several occassions for burying live folk. Looks like another write up.
Doesn't he get sick of holding his mouth open like that?
Mouth still open, strange man he is.
Some dude just....hanging around! HAHAHAHA.