Halloween 2001 | Page 2

There's a shooting range down the street and they sometimes have accidents. Luckily they like to cover up their accidents which includes evidence disposal. We got lucky and scored this fella who obviously had some pretty poor aim.
Gravity defying body parts, amazing!
This is where Jimmy stores his victims...er, customers. Looks like another one that wasn't quite dead.
I'm pretty sure this one wasn't dead.
It's almost as if he's trying to tell us something, but what could it be?
We like to leave snacks out for the bugs, here bugs, how about some nice meat?
Bug Smorgasbord!
More bug food, yummy alien and ear.
Here I am with my buddy Fred, he's such a great dancer.
"Look at me, I'm dying, I think I'll write a message in my own blood! What a dumbass, who writes in blood anymore?"
Hmm, still wet.
Fred and I sharing a tender moment.