Halloween 2001 | Page 3

In a last minute stroke of genius, I decided to go as "Scary-cut-my-own-hair Guy."
Pretty good for a self haircut, huh?
Whoa, looks like I missed a spot.
Little more practice and I should be good to go.
More of Jimmy's handy work, apparently he's drying them like beef jerky. Tasty.
Yay! Being eaten by rats guy got better lighting!
Hmm, still looks fairly unpleasent though, doesn't it?
Eek, very unpleasent indeed.
Oh my GOD, it's a floating purple glowing thing-a-ma-bob!
Oh, my bad, it's just some girl...
...with her eyes and mouth sewn shut.
Hey, at least she got good lighting, unlike the poor rat dude.