2002 Walk Through

Woohoo! Another successful year of yard haunting and here are the pics to prove it. Setup was a nightmare as rain kept me at bay most of the day... actually, the threat of rain. It was just wet enough that I couldn't put all the lights and electrical out until just before dark. Luckily, though, everything got out and the night was beautiful and dry. We had lots of folks show up and everyone seemed very impressed. The best part was the people that had come last year and were asking why I wasn't on the roof and where all the new stuff came from. I realized that the one thing I didn't get a picture of was our costumes! I was a chef to go along with the BBQ and Sommer was dead, as she was last year. It was amusing how many people couldn't figure out if Sommer was real or fake sitting in the Mortuary or up by the front door. Oh, and I know this says its a walk through, but I'm too lazy to actually walk you through in order. Without further ado, the pictures.

Here's the coolest part of my costume, my BBQ. The flash washes it all out, but below you can see the cool lighting.
There we go. This was a really cheap effect with red rope light under rocks and it REALLY looked like a working BBQ. Strange thing was that no one wanted to share any of my meal.
Here is the Cabinet-O-Doom under "show" lighting. We didn't get any close-ups, but it was loaded with body parts, knives, rats, innards, skulls and other goodies.
There's dead Sommer! Everyone was really scared to find out if she was fake or real. She is sitting in the corner of the Mortuary, you can see the candle in front of her (which is near the casket) and the stained glass window behind her.
I had to get a picture of the flicker bulbs, they are too cool. We had these on the house, and the entry posts.
Here are the entry posts. I picked these cats up last year, they are very cool. I've had the demon guy on top for several years now.
Here's the left entry post.
Here's the glowing lady, as seen last year. We added a fan under her this year to make her move subtly. Same as last year, I forgot that you can't see her head... maybe its creepier that way?
This is grandpa posing with the Monster Dog. I think this guy was the most popular thing this year.
Hey, there's Jimmy! He worked so well last year that we recruited him to play the exact same part this year.
Here is the first of about 10 graveyard pictures. You can barely see the fog in this one, but we had a 10 foot pipe running the length of the back wall which produced the fog evenly over 10 feet, it was a great effect.
Here's Jimmy again, slightly different angle.