2002 Walk Through | Page 2

Another shot of the graveyard, you can see the Ground Breaker in this one. We had 12 tombstones packed in this area.
A shot with flash! You can see the raven chilling on the fence and there's actually another one atop the coffin back there. The brown extension cord dropping from the tree powered the hangman and skeleton cage lights in the tree.
Another cool angle, showing the fence.
Here's another crow that decided to hang out on the fence.
I had 6 skulls scattered about in the graveyard along with moss, tree branches and other goodies. Check out the creepy hand shadow on the RIP tombstone.
If you look close, you can see a crow hiding in this picture.
Here's the whole graveyard from a few feet back. We definitely need more graveyard space next year, things were a little tight.
Didn't we already see this picture?
Hey, its Bucky! Check out the crow keeping watch over the festivities.
Everyone has gotta have a hangman or 2 around. If you look above him, he had a cool blue spotlight that made him extra creepy.
Here is something we did last year and it was so effective we made another one this year. That's $2 worth of plastic and 66 cents worth of red paint.
This little dude was a lot more calm than he was last year. Last year he was scaling the walls and acting crazy.