2003 Walk Through | Work Lighting

Here is a "lights on" look at the haunt in various stages of completion. These pictures are not in order, so be sure to check out the Show Lighting section to view the walk through in order.

This is the blacklight room, which was just prior to the graveyard. The walls and floor were painted and blacklights were mounted on the ceiling.
The 9 skulls hanging from the ceiling all glow in the blacklight. I am standing in a corner where one of our actors stood to scare people.
Here is the Cabinet-O-Doom, which appeared in the lab this year. Sommer did all the decorating in the lab, it looks great!
This is the first hallway once inside the door.
Ric painted these walls to give this area a dungeon feel.
Here is the Cheap-Ass Corpse™, which you had to walk around to get into the next hallway.

Looking up the second hallway toward the corpse.

The graveyard was one of my favorites this year and I really didn't get a good overall shot of it. There are 22 tombstones, 2 coffins, 2 foggers, 5 lights and 2 graves dug back here. Oh yeah, and a 40 foot fence.
Here is our newly aged Bucky. No, not new age, NEWLY aged.You can also see the shed here, from where our chainsaw actor emerged.
This photo gives you an idea of all the stones we had back here. We even put mounds of earth on each of the graves and some got flowers in authentic cemetery flower pots.
Sommer had a great idea this year and we had a guestbook at the end of the haunt. Most of the entries were silly, but it was nice to get some feedback from our victims.
The Hangman, across from the graveyard fence.