2003 Walk Through | Show Lighting

I always have a heck of a time trying to photograph under show lighting, its my least favorite part of the night. I was able to get most of the props, but you may want to check out the Work Lighting section for a better look at some of them. This was our first full walk through and it went amazingly well, better than I had even hoped. This was due in large part to everyone that helped out this year, thanks to all of you. We didn't count, but by our best estimation we put somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-300 people through, many of them multiple times. Below is a walk through, in order, of our haunt.

As a means of getting some attention we put the 8+ foot Monster Dog and a 12 foot banner on the roof. The rope above the banner is evidence of the gusty winds that night, wanted to make sure the Monster Dog didn't take a dive into the crowd.
Below the sign and just to the right of the main entrance was our 3-time resident Rat Guy. He got a green light this year and we swapped his head out for our previous hanging guy head.
Can you say Facade? This is our first year with a facade, which I think came out amazingly well. The walls are just palettes and the door was a salvage yard find. To the right of the door is a Caution sign, giving people a little idea of what they are in for.
I've had these ladies for probably 6 years and they looked great flanking the front door.
Here is the door itself, complete with antique hardware. It really brought a great deal of authenticity to our entrance.
One more look at the front. Here you can also see the feet of the Monster Dog on the roof and Sommer's pumpkins.

Our stained glass windows returned to the Mortuary this year, which was just inside the front door. You can just make out the edge of the Wreath to the left and the casket to the right.

A new resident in the Curved-Top Casket.
Up from the casket toward the windows.
I had a ton more flicker candles in the Mortuary this year, 15 to be exact. These are great for atmosphere.
I have had this candelabra for about 6 years and this year I finally got out some PVC and a strand of Christmas flicker lights to make it glow, it looked great.
This chair was sitting across from the casket. The urns beside it were spread throughout the room. The green light you see bleeding onto the left urn lit the Jumper, which I didn't get a picture of but did a great job of scaring people.