2003 Projects

Since we were moving over to a full walk through this year, we needed to step up and build some larger scale props. We also ventured into animation this year and into some rather tasteless gags. My budget was about 1/4 of what it usually is, so let this section be a testament to the fact that you can definitely build some great looking props on a budget. If you would like more information or instructions on building any of these, please contact me.

2003 Audio
2003 Promo Flyer
Bone Mobile

Bucky Lids
Buried Alive | Plans
Cheap-Ass Corpse™
Cheap-Ass Crate™
Cheap-Ass Lab™
Doll Mobile
The Hangman *with video
The Jumper *with video
Mortuary Wreath
Mr. Puke *with video
Possessed *with video