Last year we experimented with multiple soundtracks to give a little more depth to our haunt. Using multiple sound sources ended up being very cool, because it gave the sound a great 3D feel. I made last year's and this year's soundtracks by using a cheap sound effects CD I found at Office Depot and a great resource called FindSounds. This year we are stepping it up a bit and utilizing a total of 5 separate soundtracks. Below are clips of each.

Monster Dog (588K, 1:00) | This track is for the Monster Dog prop (obviously) and features labored breathing and a low growl.

Rats (585K, :59) | Making a return from last year, "guy being eaten alive by rats" gets a new soundtrack complete with rats, chewing, bone cracking and the ever popular dungeon drip.

Entry (585K, :59) | This is the main track, which also survived from last year and is played in the entry, near where the candy is given out. This one features all the cliché sounds like chains rattling, woman crying, bell tolling, thunder, heartbeat and a few others thrown in.

Graveyard (652K, 1:06) | The graveyard scene gets its own soundtrack complete with crows, thunder, howling wolf, chainsaw (my personal favorite) and a few surprises.

Garage (720K, 1:13) | This is the only track I didn't do. A very good friend of mine named Zach put this track together for a movie project he is working on and graciously allowed me to use it in our Garage/Mortuary scene. Very cool, ambient track and really the only one with music on it.