Cheap-Ass Lab™

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have cool props. Here's a simple idea for some Lab props that cost a couple of dollars. These tubes are made from 8' lengths of flourescent tube lighting protectors, which run about $4 at Home Depot. Cut them to length (12" each here) and cap them off with 1 1/2" test caps found in the PVC aisle of Home Depot (about 12 cents each). Paint the caps with a little silver paint (44 cents a bottle at Wal Mart) and stick them on with bathroom silicone (about $2). The rack is just a cheap tomato cage and the tubes are held on with hose clamps. You can also pick up the clear tubing at Home Depot as well, also just a few dollars. Fill with some water and food coloring and you've got some pretty neat lab equipment. To really make it look good, throw in some large discarded pickle jars and pick up some creepy kitchen utensils from a second hand store.