The Jumper

This is a project called the Jumper. If you look around online, or visit any professional haunt you've no doubt seen the open casket with a corpse that either sits up or jumps completely up and out of the coffin. On a budget we won't be coming up and out, but we're aiming at building a sitting up corpse. We needed a coffin for him to jump out of, so we used the spare wood from the Buried Alive coffin and some wood I scored at the dumpster to put it together. The finish is just a dark stain and flat black interior. The corpse is sporting a Bucky Lid and the hands are hand-made (hehe) of carved styrofoam and latex gloves.

The action isn't super fast, but it should be plenty startling. The mechanism is just surgical tubing attached to a rod that runs down his back and out the bottom of the coffin. Pull a string and he sits right up. Below are .avi files of him in action.
Click here to view some previous progress shots.