The Last Weekend

Well, here we are at the last weekend before Halloween. This was our last chance to pre-build and do any setup that we can before the big day. The rest of the work is going to have to take place on Halloween, so this was the last big push.

Here's the skeleton in his new home, he looks pretty happy.
Yep, pretty darn happy. In fact, so happy that I bet you will see more pictures of him being happy before you're done checking this update!
This photo is just disgusting, but it shows the dedication and suffering we go through for this. Well, it shows that and how ridiculous it is to live in Florida where it is 90+ degrees in late October.
This is the beginning of the garage, which is going to be a Mortuary. We hung this black plastic to create new walls, allowing us to use the front half of the garage while still storing stuff in the back half.
Yep, the black walls again and the happy skeleton checking it out.
We made 2 of these signs to place on the 2 major roads near the house. This should help bring more people down if they didn't see the sign that has been in front of the house all month.
And here is the sign that has been up all month. Wait, is someone sitting next to it?
Hey! Its the hanging dead guy! Get back in the tree, buddy!
Yay, its the new graveyard scene! We put out 4 of the 12 tombstones this weekend. The other 7 aren't as water resistant, so they'll go out on the big day.
More of the graveyard, check out the spooky webs and the even spookier branches and moss on the ground!
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