I've been putting off posting this, but I suppose it is inevitable. There will be no haunted house for 2007. Pulling off something this scale year after year is hard work, something that is both incredibly stressful and incredibly expensive. We love doing it, but the reality is that we've done it now for 6 years and figured it is about time we took a break. Rest assured this is not the end of Shallow Valley, we're already planning next year's haunt. In the meantime, here are the photos from 2006 that I never put up.

Done. Check the blog for more info.

Zach arrived today, which is great news. Zach is a very good friend of mine who flew across the country to help out... what a swell guy. And we got some cool stuff done!

12 hour build days + daily updates = crazy.

More goodies to check out from today.

And from now on we shall work every day. Check out progress for today as well as the Freakshow project.

Ahhh, feeling much better We're actually building on location now which feels good, getting stuff done. Check out the Rat in a Cage Maze, a very cool inexpensive maze element you can add to your haunt.

Still not much to show in the way of photos, but the Wheel of Death is done. Sommer did an unbelievable job on this, reminds me of Rob Zombie crashing head on into Dr. Seuss. Also check out some really random action for today.

Got a late start to construction, but check out the Asylum sign and progress on the Wheel of Death.


The family that ran the Shallow Valley Funeral Home may have lost their license to run that business, but fortunately they've also been running an asylum for years (it was an investment in guaranteed clients for the funeral home). This year the doors to the asylum are open for the first time, where "a shallow mind is a happy mind."

We are the premiere haunted house in the bay area, celebrating our 6th year and providing a high quality, scare-filled FREE haunted house in Pinellas Park October 27 and 28. Be sure to check out what we have done in previous years or check out some of our videos.


2005 photos are finally up!! I have been planning a redesign on the site and thought I might have that in place to display the new photos but finally realized that wasn't happening. So, enjoy the photos in a totally unstyled gallery. 2005 was a good year, definitely a learning experience running 2 haunts... as shocking as it sounds, it really is twice as much work! In fact, check out a video of how cool it is to run two haunts.

Down to the details, and man am I impressed with how everything is falling in line. Check out construction photos for today.

Construction is going very well and we will get done with plenty of time to spare. Check out some of the big stuff we got done today.

Head over to the blog for the latest, most of the rest of the updates will be taking place over there. While you are here, though, check out the Circus Tent, working on the last column and one more Sideshow Poster.

Construction photos from today are up. Keep in mind we are at the mercy of a hurricane at the moment, so progress is limited.

The second of The Columns, the evil clowns is done. Also take a peek at the Sideshow Posters.

Despite the fact that normally I am not a big fan of them, we have a blog now. I figured it might be interesting to give a slightly more in depth view of the process, hopefully it isn't too terribly boring. Updates will still be listed right here, but check the blog for interim info on the blog as well as more detail on the building.

Paul and Jenn are cranking them out, The Throne is complete.

Update photos on The Columns with the finished jack-in-the-box, Paul and Jenn did a great job.

Update photos on The Throne and the jack-in-the-box column is finished, photos of that soon. We went to Busch Gardens' Howl-o-Scream over the weekend and had a great time. Last year wasn't the best, but this year they had several things that I've actually never seen before. I still miss being able to go to Knott's, but at least Busch Gardens has a good show.

Another productive day and we have completed the Circus Sign. I promise to get some better picture of it in the very near future. I was also fortunate to watch my brother build The Throne and artist James Bukauskas get to work on our Circus Columns.

Man, the month is flying by. The Circus Sign is coming along nicely. Planning is complete, paths have been determined, rooms have been planned and now we just have to do it all. Simple, right?

Check out the 2005 Promo Materials, now in 6 different designs.

First project of the year. Check it out on the 2005 Projects page. Be sure to check out the videos I finally got up from last year as well. We're doing a second haunt this year, keep your eyes peeled for developments on that...

Wow, almost a year later and videos are finally up!! A lot of folks have been asking and I finally got around to it. Mind you, I've only done the walkthrough, but alas, more videos coming at some point. Jump straight to the videos. In other news, we're getting a late start on this year's haunt, but stay tuned for big developments. At this point it looks like we will be crossing the line into multiple haunts, running two unique themes this year. More to come...

2004 Season

2004 is over! We had an amazing success with best estimates putting our traffic at around 2,000. Video will be coming soon, but for now check out the pictures.

Crunch time! Sneak peek photos of the Morgue freezer walls are up.

Accomplished a ton yesterday, should have pictures tomorrow of the completed Morgue with freezer wall and some other goodies. For now, check out the new 2004 heads.

Went to Busch Gardens last night and it was amazing and inspirational as usual. This morning I took some photos of the Autopsy scene centerpiece and will be getting everything out of storage today for the beginning of build week.

Our story in tbt* came out today, be sure to check it out here while it's still up! If you're visiting from there, thanks for stopping by. I just added a few photos of progress on the Morgue freezer wall, which is getting closer by the day.

Want to bring a little Halloween darkness to your computer? Download our desktop.

Big day today. Had a photographer and reporter out from the St. Pete Times and managed to paint all the Mortuary walls, and revamp the Jumper for pneumatics. I also added initial work on the Morgue freezer wall.

Amazing shots of the new and improved aged morgue walls with details. Check out the 2004 Flyer as well.

Excellent updates today. We built our morgue walls and finished the sign, which also comes with detail shots!

Sign progress! All the wood is cut, next step is paint. Check it out.

Some new goodies, including a sneak peek at our new logo and name, in the 2004 Projects section.

First project of the year! Well, technically the first 5 projects of they year. Check out the new coffins.