The Toe-Pincher Coffin
Click here for the plans

Well, for years and years and years I have wanted a coffin, but I never got the nerve to try to build one, and I certainly didn't want to spend the minimum $350 it would cost to purchase a cheap one. This year I went back and forth on it (especially since I don't have all the tools I'd need), but I finally found some plans that would allow me to do it for $30! Even if I messed it up, I'd only be out $30 and I had enough faith that if nothing else, I could paint it black and it would at least look semi-decent. Well, it has actually turned out amazingly well and I'm very proud of it (and very surprised how easy it was to do). I highly suggest grabbing the plans I used and trying it yourself.

Click here to view more pictures and progress shots.